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Red Bird Tattoo

Red Bird Tattoo (2008) is Hattie's debut CD and features her velvet vocals on original gospel-flavored blues.


HEX (2012) features selections from Hattie's piano notebook arranged for piano and strings, plus the "like-no-other" trailers Rush on the Savannah and Lady From Odessa.

Blue Ridge Mountain Night

Blue Ridge Mountain Night (2019) is a collaboration with composer/arranger Christopher Gannon Marion fiddling up a hip instrumental storm of Hattie's best mountain music from Texas, to Tulsa, to Carolina USA!

Hattie Wilcox 



“Miss Hattie Moran’s Augusta Georgia Rag:

Twisted and sexy.”

Thomas Mackay, Vibist and composer, Albany, OR

“Come to Montreal, you crazy pianist.”

Chris Nippard, Songwriter/vocalist/guitarist,

Montreal, Quebec

“Scott Joplin, Debussy, Mompou, Stravinsky, Jelly Roll Morton and other influences . . . it could be a soundtrack . . . very surprising and original.”

Moises Jose Prieto, Guitarist/Producer, member of rumba flamenco band Calé from Madrid, based in Los Angeles

“Intriguing quirkiness.”

Kevorkian, hardcore death metal band, New York City

Hattie Dermott Moran—circa 1945

Vocalist and stride pianist

“Mood zig-zags between Mose Allison, Scott Joplin and—in it’s classic passages—Dave Brubeck . . . emotionally intense and evocative.”

The Philomankind (Power Pop) Pisa, Italy

“If this performer was playing in my bar, I’d be hanging off

the end of the piano and buying the drinks.

Jim Pearson, songwriter, UK

“Smooth ragtime. I really like the feel of this song. It has a very different sound. 

It makes you think of a time gone by, very nice touch.”

Big Dutch, Hip Hop/R&B Artist & Producer, Watts (Compton) CA

“If Scott Joplin had lunch with Keith Jarret, he might have

jotted down this little ditty.”

Suzanne Dean, Berklee College of Music, Boston MA

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